Are you seeking transformation that is both meaningful and practical?

    Are you tired of transactional spiritual dealings?

    I offer you a space for the sacred pause. A generous space to recover and explore radical acceptance of the deepest truths of who you are, and who you came here to be. A safe and collaborative space where soul meets science, where we work within the grace and wisdom of ayni - sacred reciprocity.  Here,  reimagine and recover faith in your inner knowing and in humanity, creating personal and social transformation to:

    - Identify and heal personal, ancestral and lineage core wounds and trauma

    - Access your higher knowledge, insight and guidance

    - Cultivate peace and trust in your inner wisdom

    - Reclaim your gifts, stepping into your mission and medicine

    - Develop and strengthen relationships with your ancestors and guides

    Read about the monthly cacao ceremony I hold.

    Watch my talk "Healing with Psychedelics: Crossing the Threshold with Plant Medicines" from the 2022 Haelan House Trauma Conference

  • About Michelle

    I am a ceremonialist, medicine woman and teacher. As a first-generation daughter of Northern European immigrants, and the step-daughter of immigrants from Mexico and Argentina, my roots were woven across culturally diverse languages, spaces, practices and values. This led me to a career of systemic work in public education and government, devoted to understanding and rectifying racial, social, and other inequities. 

    I have been engaged in ritual work since my 20s. Working with individuals and small groups, I offer syncretic plant- and spirit-based practices that draw from a variety of teachers, wisdom and shamanic practices*, as well as the fields of education, psychology, neuro-biology, trauma-informed practices, quantum physics and cultural anthropology. I received a masters from Stanford and a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. I am an instructor in the Subtle Winds’ Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Teacher Training Program (Oregon), and an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. Bilingual in Spanish, I have lived in and traveled to 46 countries. I live in Redmond with my husband and two big, active dogs.

    * Teachers 

    o El Abuelo Carlos Jesus Castillejas (Tradition: Maya/Anahuac)

    o Laurencio Lopez Nuñez (Trad. indig. Oaxaca)

    o Maestro Alejandro Cerda y Jannet Patzi (Trad. Aymara)

    o Quispi Freeman (Trad. Quero)

    o Robin Wall Kimmerer (Trad: N. American Indigenous/eco-spiritual)

    o Fredy Quispi Puma (Trad. Quero/Mestizo)

    o Don Oscar Miro-Quesada (Trad. Pachacuti Mesa)

    o Sandra Ingerman (Trad. Core Shamanism)

    o Pema Chödrun, Thich Nhat Hanh (Trad: Buddhist)

    o Thomas Merton, Paulo Freire (Trad: Christian/Liberation)

    o Shane Martin (Trad. Lakota/Siletz)

    o Walter Ryce (Trad. Cosmic)

    o Starhawk (Trad. Neopaganism/Ecofeminism)

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    Plant Medicines



    Plants are our allies, offering us deep levels of understanding, awareness, healing and consciousness beyond what we may ordinarily attain on our own. Plant medicine coaching can include ceremonial cacao group work, individual pre-journey planning, post-journey integration, microdosing support and other topics. In all sessions we discuss current research and science, safety, and your goals and desires for an optimal experience.


    Guided Personal Work


    Weaving insights from wisdom traditions and leading science, these one-on-one guided practices support you in regenerating and re-grounding, transcending and transforming. These practices support and heal personal and family histories, create ease and relief in the mental, physical and emotional bodies, engage the spirit, and may include shamanic tools and practices.

    • Ancestral/past life guided healing and integration
    • Shamanic journey
    • Personal cacao ceremony
    • Akashic Records Reading - Entering into the Akashic Records is like reading from the library of the soul. A reading provides guided assistance and insight into daily life. Readings address topics such as relationships and patterns, physical illness, past lives, optimal steps forward, spiritual agreements and karma.


    Exchange for the above services: $150/session.


    Personal Retreats and Ceremonies


    Personal retreats and ceremonies include full- and multi-day private and personalized retreats, heart-opening ceremonies with cacao and other medicinal plants, guided meditations, hands-on experiences, and baby and other blessing ceremonies.


    Pricing and details upon request.


    Group Retreats and Ceremonies 


    Group retreats and ceremonies are offered throughout the year, and often co-led with my favorite teachers and friends. More info here.


    Equity-based sliding scale.



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