Are you seeking transformation that is both meaningful and practical?

    Are you standing on the threshold of change, having difficulty discerning the path forward?

    Are you tired of transactional spiritual dealings?

    Are you ready to up-level, alchemizing polarity and division to equanimity and communion?


    I offer you a space for the sacred pause. A generous space to recover and explore radical acceptance of the deepest truths of who you are, and who you came here to be. A safe and collaborative space to work within the grace and wisdom of ayni, sacred reciprocity, where you can reimagine and recover faith in your inner knowing and in humanity, creating personal and social transformation.


    I am a bilingual (Spanish) medicine woman, oracle, teacher and coach, the daughter of immigrants from Europe and Latin America. Using a syncretic blend of sacred wisdom and cutting-edge science, my teaching, coaching and hands-on practices support you in:

    • Discerning the optimal path and modality to move forward
    • Accessing your ancestral and higher knowledge, insight and guidance
    • Cultivating peace and trust in your inner wisdom
    • Reclaiming your gifts and stepping in to your mission and medicine
    • Restoring your deep somatic body-wisdom
    • Releasing gendered, cultural and ancestral conditioning
    • Identifying and healing ancestral and lineage core wounds and trauma
    • Developing and strengthening relationships with your guides
    • Creating your own ceremonies and rituals
    Click here to watch the video "Why the world needs shamanism more than ever."


    Plant Medicine Work

    Plants are our allies, offering us deep levels of understanding, awareness, healing and consciousness beyond what we may ordinarily attain on our own. Plant medicine coaching can include ceremonial cacao group work, individual pre-journey planning, post-journey integration, microdosing support and other topics. In all sessions we discuss current research and science, safety, and your goals and desires for an optimal experience.


    Inner Journeys

    Working with shamanic tools, we strengthen connections between the inner and outer worlds through ancient technologies, hands-on practices, prayer and sound. These experiences can create ease and relief in both the mental and physical bodies.


    Personalized Coaching and Teaching

    Weaving insights from wisdom traditions and leading science, these one-on-one meetings support you in regenerating and re-grounding, transcending and transforming. Foundations of this work include your spiritual beliefs, personal and family histories.


    Akashic Records Reading

    Entering into the Akashic Records is like reading from the library of the soul. A reading provides guided assistance and insight into our daily lives. Readings address topics such as relationships and patterns, physical illness, past lives, optimal steps forward, spiritual agreements and karma.


    Exchange for the above services: $150/hour.



    • Ceremonies include baby and other blessing ceremonies, and heart-opening ceremonies with cacao and other medicinal plants. 
    • Private meditation retreats in Central Oregon are also available. 

    Pricing and details upon request.


    I am so grateful for the opportunity to have someone as knowledgeable and grounded as Michelle access my Askashic Records for me. I went in with a list of requests and some deep rooted emotional things that I haven't been able to clear out for decades. After an hour with Michelle I was able to close chapters that have been open for years. Michelle takes you into the mysterious and elusive "beyond" and helps you be a direct participant in it without judgment or confusion. She's the real deal.
    - Deena Kamm, founder and creative director at Voice Up LLC
    I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle in Peru during Shamanic training. After the most difficult night I had during ceremony, I was amazed at the care I received from Michelle the next day. She was very nurturing and kind and was really good with helping me return to a good state of being. I highly recommend anyone who follows the Shamanic path to work with Michelle for assistance in integration of your Journeys.
    - Antonio Lucero, accountant
    This was my first time accessing my Akashic records and I was nervous. Michelle fostered a safe, supportive space, and helped me to craft my questions.  She was the type of guide you want to have when journeying into vulnerabile territory - solid and supportive. My Akashic record reading with Michelle offered me insight and understanding, and ultimately profound healing at a much deeper layer of my being.
    - Heather Kulikowsky, yoga therapist
    Michelle is one of the most talented healers on the planet. Her sensitivity, grace, and connection with both her own and your divine is unparalleled and practical. Enjoy an amazing ride to deepen and transform you as you with with a healer of healers. 
    - Christopher Barham, K-8 teacher 
    I participated in a personal retreat day with Michelle and it was a “game changer”. Michelle created a safe ceremonial space and allowed what came up to be seen, acknowledged, and understood. I tapped in to lightness and humor that had been long forgotten and also tapped into inner wisdom and truth. She facilitated the experience with ease and grace and helped me feel at home in body, mind, and soul.
    - Liz S., yoga teacher & business owner