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    Shamanic and plant-medicine coaching to guide you home

    to your authentic self.

  • For seekers

    The power of plant medicine, shamanic and ceremonial work


    I believe in the power of plant medicines, shamanism and ceremonial techniques. These technologies have been around for over 40,000 years because they work. Working with them, we can experience powerful healing and connection. Now, research is confirming both the efficacy and effectiveness of these tools.


    Are you seeking transformation through plant medicines? Because these medicines can be life-changing, it is critical that seekers work with trained and connected medicine people who can hold a safe container, support and intervene if necessary. But what do you do if you find yourself in a situation that is not as you expected? All seekers can benefit from proper pre-ceremony instruction and guidance, and post-ceremony support and integration. Without these, the journey becomes just another heady trip that does not lead to growth or change


    Perhaps you come here to discern the path in front of you. I offer individual shamanic coaching and Akashic Records reading, both personalized and designed to illuminate your next steps forward.


    I am here to offer tools to ensure a safe and healthy passage back home to your true self in a loving and supportive environment.

    The journey

    Humans have been using ceremonies, shamanic techniques and plant medicines for millenia...

    • To heal the body, mind and spirit. 
    • To receive guidance. 
    • To weave the sacred into ordinary life. 
    • To commune and connect with the Divine and Mother Nature through the web of life.

    Today, many people seek insight and healing through the use of plant medicines like ayahuasca, san pedro and psilocybin.

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    Life altering work

    With personalized coaching, guidance and support, I give you the tools to maximize your personal and ceremonial experience. From understanding how consciousness and the medicines work - and how you can work with them to best achieve your goals - to understanding and integrating your insights and changing your behaviors - I support you on the path to your authentic self.

    Coaching options


    $250 introductory package

    3 sessions for the price of 2


    Individual shamanic coaching sessions: $95/hour.


    Akashic Record readings: $95/session (60-75 minute


    Plant medicine coaching sessions can include:

    • In the pre-medicine or pre-travel consultation, your questions are answered. This includes: Is plant medicine right for you? How do you know if you are ready to embark on this path? Is it best to work in the US or go abroad? $30 for a personalized 30 minute session.
    • The pre-ceremony preparation session includes discussion and uses of medicines, a review of your risks,  discussion of goals and desires, how to find the right shaman or medicine person to work with, instruction and methods to ensure a safe journey, taking medicine overseas, and ways to manage yourself if you feel too high or out of control. $125 for 90 minute session
    • The post-ceremony integration and coaching session capitalizes on insights, visions and lessons from your ceremony. Learn how to integrate your ceremonial experiences with healthy and successful psychological and behavioral strategies. Explore shamanic techniques as needed. All this to create success on your path home to your best self. $125 for 60 minute session.
    • Additional plant medicine coaching and integration sessions purchased through the package are $75 for 60 minutes. 

    Personalized research and between-session text check-ins, as well as other activities, are included as needed.


    Zoom conferencing available. 10% discounts for veterans and public education teachers.


    *Cash, Paypal and Venmo accepted.

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    Then I looked within my own heart and there I found him - he was nowhere else. -- Rumi

  • My work

    Shamanic work

    I am an oracle and a teacher. Plant medicines have provided me deep healing, insight and learning. I've been doing shamanic work since I was in my 20s. I train and study under Don Oscar Miro-Quesada of the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition, a Native American elder from Oregon and an Afro-Caribbean shaman, Sandra Ingerman, and the Shipibo of Peru, as well as work with other medicine people and guides on the path.

    Coaching and teaching

    I have been a coach and teacher since 1995, receiving my M.Ed from Stanford and my PhD from the University of Oregon. I have lived and worked in Peru, Ecuador and China. My work draws from a variety of shamanic practices, as well as the fields of education, psychology, neuro-biology and cultural anthropology. I continue to teach, coach and do cross-cultural work in Central Oregon.


    I am unabashedly curious about the world. Growing up in a diverse and multilingual family, I've lived in and traveled to over 42 countries...and counting. I am happiest when I'm exploring and playing in the inner and outer worlds. I live in Redmond with my husband Martin and Tucker the Wonderdog.

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    Michi shares a safe space full of integrity, love and wisdom. She listens patiently with an open heart without judgment. She shares wisdom gained from her own direct experiences, insight and understanding. Through Michi's guidance and patience, I've grown more and more into who I am in truth. She reflects a conscious awareness where I can quickly access new perspectives and courageously embrace more and more of my true being. - Z


    I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle in Peru during Shamanic training. After the most difficult night I had during ceremony, I was amazed at the care I received from Michelle the next day. She was very nurturing and kind and was really good with helping me return to a good state of being. I highly recommend anyone who follows the Shamanic path to work with Michelle for assistance in integration of your Journeys.

    - Antonio.


    Michelle is integral to my relationship with plant medicine. I have been a searcher and a seeker for years and consulted with Michelle about my trepidations with journeying with Ayahuasca. Michelle helped me get clear that my intuition was right and that it was not the medicine for me. I am so grateful for Michelle's insight and ancient wisdom. - Elizabeth